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Roasted Artichoke, Orange, Rocket And Pine Nut Salad

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Lover Mocktail Heligan Feast

Lover Mocktail

The summer thirst quencher!

Our Founder Meet Freyja

Our Founder

Peach & Mozarella Summer Salad

Peach & Mozzarella Salad

Find more in the Wholesome World Cookbook!

Recipes – Nutrition – Wellness

Welcome to Wholesome World, a platform to help cancer patients, survivors and their families to improve their health and wellbeing through nutritional understanding, alongside pushing the awareness of authorised medicinal research.

Wholesome World currently offers a unique NHS approved healthy-eating app and beautifully designed cookbook. Both are backed by evidence based medical research to help guide your wellness path.

Freyja Reading The Wholesome World Cookbook

Wholesome World Cookbook & Life

Full to the brim with recipes, healthy life choices and Freyja’s story.

The Wholesome World Cookbook is a collection of recipes, nutritional information and wellbeing insight. We have all heard about superfoods and their benefits, but why are they ‘super’ and how can you easily incorporate them into your daily diet with minimal effort required? Packed with delicious recipes this book can help guide you on your journey.

Wholesome World Recipe App

A never ending digital health app & cookbook.

The Wholesome World app is your very own cookbook that fits in your back pocket! With 100+ recipes,  nutritional breakdown and insightful links to health,  this app will transform the way you choose, cook and consume food. 

Charity donations are given with Wholesome World profit.

Download the App

14 Day Free Trial | £2.99 / Month

In the app you will find:

  • 100+ nutritional recipes.
  • Nutritional breakdown of every recipe.
  • An insight to anticancer ingredients.
  • Create shopping lists and save your favourite recipes.
  • Clear labelling for all diets – gluten / nut / dairy free, vegan & vegetarian.
  • All recipes are free of refined sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Easy access to authorised medical links.

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