Now that we are in spring, why not enjoy the sun with a refreshing mocktail that also has health benefits.

Before getting into the benefits, let’s see what is in this mocktail shall we!

The nutrition benefits are one of the most important aspects of enjoying this mocktail.

Antioxidant activity of elderberry and elderberry-derived products was confirmed during antiradical activity assays in vitro. Studies have shown that the antioxidant activity is exhibited by fruits, flowers and leaves of elderberry (Dawidowicz et al., 2006). 

white flowers with green leaves
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Mint is high in nutrients, and similar to lemon, it helps indigestion and can improve brain function.

white-petaled flower

Cucumber contains antioxidants and improves hydration and also improves the skin.

For more information on the benefits of certain foods and also to find a list of 50 foods that are super healthy and descriptions on why, visit Health Line for all information needed or WebMD.

Spring Lover C/Mocktail Recipe


  • 500 ml Soda Water
  • Ice cubes – crushed
  • ½ a Lemon
  • 5cm Cucumber
  • A pinch of Fresh Mint
  • 5 ml Elderflower syrup



  • Start with a glass of your choosing. Fill half the glass up with crushed ice cubes.
  • Pour 500 ml soda water into the glass and follow that by pouring in 5 ml of elderflower syrup.
  • Cut half a lemon up and really squeeze it into the glass… Get all those juices!
  • With your ¼ of a cucumber, 1cm square-ish chop that up and place them in the drink.
  • Finish it off with a pinch of fresh mint and mix all together!

If you are feeling creative, you can place a cut up sliced cucumber on the glass for a fancy garnish!

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