Meet Freyja

It all started when…

Wholesome World is a new app that has launched to assist all of your nutritional and wellbeing needs.

The app came about after founder, Freyja Hanstein, lost her husband to abdominal Synovial Sarcoma cancer in 2014 and she herself being diagnosed with a brain tumour the following year.

Freyja’s husband went through multiple treatment rounds which were unsuccessful and he passed away Nov 6th 2014 one month after they wed.

During the year after he passed away Freyja started to experience worrying health symptoms. “I had what felt like energy deficient moments and light headedness.”

Brain Surgery on the Temporal lobe went ahead, and then Freyja was then put through post-op treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which went on until early 2017. Since then, Freyja says it’s been a learning curve to keep focus and work through her concentration and reconstruction of the language (primarily nouns) and memory loss. 

Meet Freyja.

“It is so important to fully realise the necessity of keeping all areas of health optimal” 

The most important step for her, post treatment, is to share her health research in the easiest most simple and delicious way. So she created her App.

Welcome to the Wholesome World App …