Meet Freyja

Wholesome World was inspired by the experiences of its founder, Freyja Hanstein. After losing her husband to abdominal Synovial Sarcoma cancer, in which he endured multiple unsuccessful treatment rounds and sadly passed away one month after their wedding in 2014, Freyja was then diagnosed with a brain tumour the following year.

Freyja’s Story

Not long after her husband’s death, Freyja began experiencing concerning health symptoms, such as energy-deficient moments and lightheadedness. Following her brain tumour diagnosis she underwent surgery on the temporal lobe, followed by postoperative treatment, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, which continued until early 2017.


Freyja navigated a learning curve and focused on improving her concentration, reconstructing her language skills (primarily nouns), and managing memory loss. She felt incredibly fortunate to have the support of her friends and family, especially her Neuroscientist PhD brother, who played a crucial role in her recovery. Her background in Biological Sciences (BSc) and Law (PGDL) also provided a strong foundation for understanding and managing her health journey.

Freyja Reading The Wholesome World Cookbook 1

Having gone through not one but two battles with cancer, Freyja wanted to create a platform where she should share all of her health and nutritional research. With the help of nutritionists, Drs, healthcare and wellbeing professionals she created the Wholesome World App and Cookbook. 

Having been in remission for almost seven years, sadly Freyja passed away on November 16th 2023.

We remember her shining light through the incredible hard work and love she put into creating Wholesome World.

This is her legacy.

We are going to do everything we can to keep it going – to realise her vision of revolutionising brain cancer research and helping people avoid ever having to deal with the disease by avoiding diet and lifestyle based triggers. In reading this we hope that you will follow us on this journey and support us along the way.