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Full to the brim with over 100 healthy recipes, lifestyle choices and Freyja’s story

“I am a brain cancer survivor, and created this wholesome book to help you learn how to set a new path towards improving your health from all different aspects of your life. I want to share life science insights through optimising the nutritional, the physical and the mental.” Freyja Hanstein

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The cookbook

We have all heard about superfoods, but why are they ‘super’ and how can you easily incorporate them into your daily diet?

This is not just a cookbook, it is a library of resources on how to eat and live well.

Developed by a cancer survivor and foodie fed up of spending countless hours trying to work out what to eat to keep healthy, this book is a result of eight years of continual research and iteration.

Contributors include doctors, nutritionists, chefs and leading lights in related fields, such as Tim Smit, founder of the Eden Project.

The result is a collection of over 100 recipes for delicious meals and drinks that both do good and taste good (like really really good!). It also contains other nuggets of information about living well and feeling okay when faced with terminal disease.

From the Author, Freyja Hanstein: “Our surroundings affect how we feel as much as the food that we consume, and the salubrious choices we make in the mental, physical and nutritional parts of our lives, all interact and nourish our health“.

This book is Freyja’s way of sharing all she learned on a journey that combined science, wellbeing and sublime flavours – to help anyone maintain and enhance their health through food

Every recipe is nutritionist reviewed and gives both personal and nutritional overviews, and the book is full of love from start to finish.

The recipes have been deliciously tested and tasted galore and this cookbook created in line with Falmouth University and Plymouth University.

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