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Welcome to the Wholesome World App

“It is so important to fully realise the necessity of keeping all areas of health optimal” 

– Freyja

The most important step for Freyja, post treatment, was to share her health research in the easiest, most simple and delicious way. So the Wholesome World app was born.

In 2019 the Wholesome World app was launched…

Stemming from her own personal battles  through cancer, Freyja wanted to create an app that was easily accessible to anyone wanting to make some changes to their diet. This may be knowing what to remove or what to add to one’s diet. Key focus throughout the app is on nutrition, healthy recipes, physical and mental health, cancer and general health. All the information in the Wholesome World app is completely backed up by authorised research and science as well as access to useful links, stories and news. 

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All of the research and medical information is authorised within the recipe, nutrition and medical links. Freyja was delighted that, when the Wholesome World app was processed by the government via ORCHA Health, it was added to the NHS platform. 

Digital Health App

In the app you will find:

  • 100+ nutritional recipes.
  • Nutritional breakdown of every recipe.
  • An insight to anticancer ingredients.
  • Create shopping lists and save your favourite recipes.
  • Clear labelling for all diets – gluten / nut / dairy free, vegan & vegetarian.
  • All recipes are free of refined sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Easy access to authorised medical links.

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