Meet Jamie from Zennor Made Woodworks.

A salty Cornish soul, Jamie, is a true outdoors man who has been obsessed with carving, sanding (and surfing) since school.

He creates beautiful handmade woodworks that are both unique and natural products.

Handcrafted, Bespoke, Recycled.

I am a humungous fan of Jamies work. Zennor Made is simply natural.

The outdoor being pulled within the home is an aspect which I’m fairly obsessed with, especially when you get an insight to its formation. Bring the sustainable outside in.

Wholesome World & Zennor Made Instagram Competition


“Win one of the Wholesome World, Zennor Made, chopping board.

Alongside, you will get some sustainable hempseed beeswax oil
and LIFETIME ACCESS to the app which, earlier this year, approved by the NHS as one of their health & well being app resources.”
– 2 runners up will win the app access too –

“Giveaway ends on the 30th October”

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t: (+44) 07890 793 157
e: [email protected]