Wreath me

Happy Holidays!

Wreaths and Christmas moments are arising…

I am so lucky to be in the countryside this winter, surrounded by fields, hounds, woodlands and the ocean.

But how to satisfy yourself and avoiding the red, no, mulled wine in the local pub!

Scoping around the field I managed to stumble upon some willow sprites, and was aroused to see if I could pull a wreath together! You are so welcome to judge me, but have also come across a beautiful Eucalyptus wreath YouTube to share to you too. She makes the holder from a wire hanger, which is a bit of a classic, but keep your mind open and see what entices you most and keep it simple are my main points.

Wholesome Wreath
Wholesome Wreath

For this lovely Wreath that I have thrown on the front door – to classically show off…


5 Birch Branches

2 Branches of Christmas Pine Sprigs

2 Random Garden Twigs (don’t judge me)

2 Holly Sprigs

How to twine your wreath

So lightly bend the birch branches, and stretch them as you go. Curve them into your perfect width, for which mine is 1 ft / 30 cm. Interlace the branches as much as possible as the numbers grow to hold them together, but I used garden wire, subtly Wholesome green, where needed.

Once all branches are held together and interlaced and sturdy as can be, start with your lightest weight background filling pine sprigs, and give the wreath some colour. Followed by the next layer of the background, and finish with the prickly holly.

I added the holly by pulling off the heads from the base up with their short bases, able to delve into the intertwined wreath, using the garden wire where necessary.

Finally, take the full stalk with the nib holding the last of the holly and slip it in to the wreath as your final step.

Garden wire, or simply string, can be used to hang the wreath. As obviously as possible so it can be lavished with everyones Christmas love and appreciation <3

So. I have decided that this is of course perfect for me. Satisfaction galore and a good (far too long) jaunt round the garden… but maybe other outcome may be more beautiful to other eyes.

So the garden search can be followed by a Pinterest search, and here I found a more professional set up for a ‘similar’ wreath…



Made by ‘A Happy Home in Holland’

Click here to find out more…


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