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The seed for the Wholesome World wellness app and now cookbook & life, was planted almost 10 years ago during a poetically tragic chapter in my life. My first love and forever-inspiration to live the best life possible, battled a cancer so rare, it changed both our lives forever. 

Within the first year of our chance meeting, on the southern hemisphere of island life, in Indonesia, my partner was hit hard with a cancer diagnosis. Despite the odds, my husband, Lars, was remarkably strong throughout.

“He cooked, meditated, medicated, researched and had repeated rounds of chemo meaning he defied the odds”

During this time, we researched how to support his therapy and treatment, trying every path that could be health positive. He cooked, meditated, medicated, researched and had repeated rounds of chemo meaning he defied the odds and lived life so strongly until he was taken.

The following year, I was diagnosed with a grade III/IV cancerous brain tumour. Making it was time to practice what I had learnt and now preach. Through surgery and years of rehabilitation both physically, and mentally, I have made a solid recovery, albeit not without long lasting challenges such as memory loss and piecing together sentences that feel as churned up as the wild waves of the Atlantic Ocean which never completely disappear.

As the app developed, I wanted something that was physical, nurtured with the ability to give to others. I felt the next natural step was a cookbook. However, I wanted to create something that touched on more than recipes. A lifestyle, a resource, a book to inspire. 

My aim was and still is, to share our discoveries and practical experience with other people searching for a way to maximise their health. And so we have it, the Wholesome World health & wellbeing app was born.

“I wanted something that was physical, nurtured with the ability to give to others”

Through the support and invaluable insight of experts across the medical, holistic and environmental industries, I’ve pulled together a bible of scientific, nutritional, physical and mental health knowledge to share with you. 

Within the book, you can learn the qualities of different foods and the value of organic and eco-friendly crops. Benefit yourself and the environment without sacrificing those little luxuries that make life worth living. 


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The introductory chapter share’s my life experiences, touches on cancer research and life sciences. Here you can find expert insight and recommended charities that can support trauma through cancer such as the invaluable BRAIN TUMOUR CHARITY. I touch on lifestyle elements that helped ease discomfort like toxic free skincare brand @madeforlifeorganics, to my love for online portals such as PubMed, where you can find further understanding of chronic illness and how you can implement preventative diet and lifestyle choices.


Following years of research, I have concluded amongst many others, that there are three main elements to optimum health; your mental, physical and nutritional health. Covering two chapters in the book you will find tips on how to easily tick these boxes daily, touching on art, music, meditation, exercise and produce. 

Eden Project Cornwall Founder, Tim Smit, explores sustainability in food production and Tim Westwell of Pukka Teas explains the benefits of pharmacopoeial-grade herbs. Organic farmers, Riverford, touch on seasonality and how working with nature, not against it, can positively impact your health as well as the planet. 


The bulk of the book is a collection of my favourite recipes from the app, broken down into digestible chunks making it easy to decide what to fill your fridge, freezer and larder with. Alongside, I’ve highlighted further insight into particularly healthy produce such as sprouts, fungi and spices whilst dispelling rumours around what types of fats and sugars you should be using. The recipes hopefully indulge your thoughts and salivate you galore with salubrious dishes from Wholesome granola at breakfast, soups and mains galore dishes 


Throughout the book you will find prompts for mindful doodles, the benefit of art and music to your mind, wellbeing planning and a library of resources to delve further into the topics discussed. 

This book is perfect for anyone who is interested in their general health and for those looking for extra support during treatment or to reduce their chances of chronic illness. 

This is not just a cookbook; it’s a library of resources and fascinating insight to benefit both yourself and the environment we live in. Your surroundings affect how you feel as much as your food. The salubrious choices you make in the mental, physical and nutritional parts of life all interact and nourish your health – supported by the help and understanding of the medical insights. Every aspect of life is entwined and symbiotic.

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