The lost suppers

Wholesome World collaborated with the incredible Lost Gardens of Heligan for their summer Lost Supper events, hosted in their quaint cafe surrounded by nature, fairy lights and good company.

Their award winning head chef, Nat Tallents, created an incredible menu inspired by the Wholesome World Cookbook & Life. Each recipe was chosen for its seasonality and also my personal favourites. The dishes were full of the colours of summer, adorning vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making this feast evening, guilt-free.

FYI The banana bread recipe is my addiction and had to make the cut, simply a deliciously nutritious treat that I can’t live without.

wholesome world feast with Heligan gardens

Wholesome Feast

On arrival we shared my Summer Lover’s Mocktail with the addition of an optional shot ofJ√úST Dill Gin (pronounced yust), produced in the UK. The elderflower accounts for the seasonality here, so make the most of those dainty flowers before the rain washes them all away. You can make a simple elderflower syrup at home or buy a good quality version from the shops. Elderflower is commonly used to help with the common flu & swelling in the sinuses.

Head chef Nat Tallents, welcomed the room as unfortunately I’m suffering health wise at the moment with Bell’s Palsy, limiting my ability to move my face naturally. This makes public speaking incredibly challenging.

But, I shared my story and the seeds that planted Wholesome World, there was also time to come and chat to me individually, thank you to everyone who took the time to come and introduce themselves. I bonded over stories of happiness and trauma, shared the love of good nutrition and a for-filled lifestyle. There was time to peruse the book and get a signed copy from myself should you wish. A big thank you to all of you that bought the book, your support means so much.

wholesome world feast with Heligan gardens

Wholesome Recipes

The Lost Gardens of Heligan designed the menu to extract directly from the Wholesome World Cookbook & Life, referencing the recipe page numbers within the dish description. This enabled our guests to truly understand the level of nutrients each dish held. A beautifully interactive element of the evening. It is hard to choose which dish is my favourite, the flavours were popping throughout the night.

wholesome world feast with Heligan gardens

The Mackerel with Gooseberries (pg 174) was a mouth watering starter, followed by the earthy Green Soup (pg 127) with homemade bread. Then came the rainbow of colours with the Super World Salad (pg 157), seasonal raw vegetables & edible flowers. The fourth dish was a combination of Wholesome World recipes including inspiration from my Cucumber, Mint & Sumac Salad (pg 143), Warm Quinoa Salad (pg 149), Coconut Dhal (pg 161) &Lamb Kofta Salad & Spelt Flatbread Wrap (pg 186). Finished off beautifully with my zero refined sugar Banana Bread recipe (pg 113).

So worth the effort to try these dishes yourself. Head to the Cookbook or the Wholesome World app.

Wholesome World

I’d like to thank everyone that came to the event, filling a whole room with wonderful souls, devouring incredible food created by myself and Nat Tallents was truly special.

Finding space to share my world, insights and research drives me forward. When yourself or a loved one is facing cancer, feeling powerless is debilitating. Whereas, feeling in control can give you a physical and mental health boost. For me, understanding what was happening to Lars, my late husband, and then myself, became a resource of rehabilitation in itself. Copious amounts of research, a decade even, has gone into the making of the Wholesome digital health library in the app and has helped piece my brain back together. Wholesome World has given me the drive to keep reading, learning, understanding and ultimately, retraining my brain to remember what in life is good for me – this is still a work in progress…

As Wholesome World grows, as do I. Life throws curveballs, but by steering efforts in the right direction, you can create something truly beautiful. Wholesome World is a growing community, brand and resource to help you live your best life. You can buy the Wholesome World Cookbook here, download the health and wellness app with a free 14 day trial period

Did you know you can also gift the Wholesome World app? Treat a loved one to six or twelve month subscriptions to the app.

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