“An Oasis of Tranquility in the Heart of Berlin”

The beginning of this trip was mind blowing. When I originally forecast my trip to head over to the Vabali Spa in Berlin, back in the day – pre-covid… It is found fairly central in the city, right by the Berlin Central Station and the Fritz-Schloß-Park, which is humungous, and laden with tennis courts, the football ground and a forest, but is a proper getaway.

The first thing that was delightfully forced on arrival, was the request of no phones on site and being given a double sided map for the venue, before you change in one of the 3 humungous changing rooms, which your tagged arm band chooses for you. And yes, I got lost finding it, to disperse my water bottle and have a moment before a massage at the end of the session (no I didn’t find it while in a fluster).

From one of the huge changing rooms, you enter the spa ‘city’ through their bar and restaurant, which is at least as large as a Wetherspoons pub – or if I think of something more enticing, maybe the size of a rugby pitch.

The Spa; As said. It is hUgE. It feels like Disneyland or somewhere that you will lose a friend and definitely miss out on a ride. So in the same mannerism you must plan your ‘day’ the second you walk in the door…

Treatment; I think that every room equated to a treatment to be honest. There are about 2 on per hr.

Cost of the massage?

Approx. 49-120 – click here for specific £’s


They have 3 retreats | Berlin | Düsseldorf | Hamburg

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