Top Five Summer Podcasts

It’s that time of year where losing hour’s in the great outdoors is my main priority, and podcasts often help. I try to soak up that vitamin D to regulate phosphate in the body to keep bone, teeth and muscle health in top condition. Needed for long days in the surf and walking the Cornish coastline. 

The British summertime is a deeply loved chapter of the year here in the UK. I try to be outside as much as possible to build up my body’s resilience for the cold stretch ahead. I walk, cycle, swim and read but also I love podcasts to keep my thoughts company when concentration is low. 

During the chemo days my brain couldn’t digest tv or books, it was a sensory overload. I found solace in mainly music but as time moved forward, podcasts stepped into my realm and I’ve never looked back,

I do find good podcasts quite hard to find so here are my top five for you to try out and save you the tricky navigation of a podcast library.

Summer Podcast

1. Grow your Dream Podcast with Sealan Faere Butler

Shealan explores philosophy, theology, psychology and personal stories  with her community. Encouraging others to blossom and offer practical tips with insight from guests who have battled against adversity.

You can find more about my story with cancer and how Wholesome World became a product of that colourful chapter in my life. 

S1 Episode 25. Building Strength, after losing her husband and brain cancer with Freyja Hanstein

Grow Your Dream Podcast

2. Breakfast and Beyond Podcast with Tia Tamblyn

Tia welcomes the creative and innovative Cornish community to talk over breakfast about how they are creating a positive and successful life, at work and home for themselves whilst embracing sustainability. 

I enjoyed a delicious feast with Tia during her first season as we discuss the power of positive thinking. 

S1 Episode 10. Creating a Wholesome World with Freyja Hanstein

Breakfast & Beyond Podcast

3. Move and Inspire Podcast with Sophie Dear Yoga

Wellness Mentor and Yoga instructor Sophie Dear lives in Bali following her life changing career move away from the TV industry. Feeling burnt out and at rock bottom Sophie  turned her life around and created the Move & Inspire podcast amongst so much more! Sophie chats to inspirational people who share their personal challenges and life experiences. 

I chatted to Sophie about how taking control of your health can be the first step towards better living. 

S1 Episode 2. Chatting to Freyja Hanstein

Move & Inspire Podcast

4. How to Fail Podcast with Elizabeth Day

My go-to when motivation is low. Elizabeth chats to a plethora of celebrity guests who share their life and career failures. I adore this podcast for the insight into how when something goes wrong, it simply steers you down a different path to a new world of opportunity. Maybe one day I’ll get a space here! 

How to Fail Podcast

5. The Food Medic Podcast with Dr Hazel Wallace

I couldn’t possibly share my top podcasts without this source of inspiration. @Thefoodmedic has been on my watchlist for quite some time so I was delighted when Dr Wallace stepped into the realm of podcasts. You can find episodes full of health advice on how to live better and cut through the confusing information. 

The Food Medic Podcast

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