Smooth Mover

This smoothie recipe has a good variation of ingredients to enhance your health.

Smooth Mover
Wholesome World Smooth Mover recipe

The apple provides high fiber both soluble and soluble, and polyphenol counts, and has a reasonably low GI which means that there is no severe fructose energy spike from this nutritious apple alongside a beneficial Vitamin C hit.

The cucumber holds its nutrients primarily in the skin, and are known to be full of antioxidants, which simply block oxidation molecules from impairing your body health. 

The nuts are good solid holders of lowering your cholesterol, despite the high fat levels they are made up from. Not all fat is digested, due to its strong fibrous walls, which help clean the digestive system. 

And delightfully citrus fruits like the satsuma, don’t only aid the flavour, but strengthen the Vitamin C levels and are known to keep your skin smooth and enhance the immune system, but include delightful extras; B vitamins, potassium, phosphorous, copper and magnesium which strengthen the body’s function.

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Smooth Mover

Serves:  2

Time to create: 5 mins

Time for personal effort: –

Notes: GF, DF, V, Ve, SS


1 Banana

1 Apple

2” Cucumber

1 Satsuma

Sml Hdfl / 10g Mixed Nuts

500ml Almond Milk

10ml Honey


  1. Simply de-skin and de-core all fruit (leave the skin on the apple).
  2. Lightly chop up to fit and throw all into the blender.
  3. Blend for up to 1 min. Simply add water for a lighter consistency if needed and blend in.

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