Along with the hardships, I’ve had some incredible adventures in life and sailing the Australian coastline, with my best friend and her man aboard their adventure vessel Finding Avalon, is definitely up there.

After a year long pandemic with light at the end of the tunnel, I thought I’d bounce back to my mini sailing trip with them just before the world came to a stop. Oh how I do like to be beside the sea…

What I love about these two voyagers is their zest for life. The ability to choose who you surround yourself with has a huge impact on your life, motivation and well being.

“Positivity breeds positivity…”

Positivity breeds positivity and without my nearest and dearest, I’m unsure I would have found the confidence and strength to create Wholesome World. Sharing my research into the importance of good health and wellbeing via the app, following the passing of my husband to Synovial Sarcoma cancer and my own journey with a highest grade Oligodendroglioma brain tumour, was by no means an easy feat.


This sailing adventure was pioneered by life long friend Xanthe and her man Jackson. They set out to simply live the good life, sharing their ups and downs along the way. You can head over to their YouTube channel and check out what it’s really like to sail the long way home.

Me and Xanthe aboard Finding Avalon

I headed out to Australia just before the worldwide pandemic hit to launch Wholesome World to the Southern Hemisphere, and feel so much gratitude to the love I recieved from all the Aussies. I met some amazing people and caught up with life long friends. In some strange leap of faith I managed to fill my soul with sunshine vibes and adventure before heading home to a long year of…home.

As we come closer to end of Lockdown Three in the UK, I thought it would be interesting to note what I’ve learnt from this past year of semi-isolation.

If someone had told me, we would be enduring such tight restrictions for so long, I think the fear would have set in. However, I felt strangely liberated…

Liberated of my need to fill every moment, sail across seas to see my loved ones (all though that’s still a high priority), and dash between cities to make new connections.

Instead, I’ve found new connections closer to home and strength in my community both online and off. Plus, Wholesome World has continued to grow with new partnerships and projects in tow that may well have stayed on the sidelines and at the bottom of my priority list.

My daily schedule also allows my fridge to be full of local produce as I engage more with what’s available on my doorstep, rather than dashing into the supermarket. I’ve felt the ebbs and flows of life slowing, enjoying and embracing them. I’ve educated myself further on the issues surrounding mass consumerism, the benefits on circular economy and the vigour you can receive by being part of a small community.

If you know me, you know research is my thing. I’m a geek at heart and given the right subject, I can’t stop digging. That’s really the reason why Wholesome World exists. I find knowledge gives me control, and control gives me confidence in living my best life. you can find out more about my story here:

Created by James Aiken

Wholesome World provides digital access to healthy lifestyle information and medical research. It is approved by the National Health Service (NHS) and features in the app library. Download the app here and follow us on Instagram.

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