Riverford Organics

Seasonal farming for delicious local food.

Riverford Organics, Devon, is a strong organic fruit and veg supplier for the UK. A little golden nugget that I have particularly appreciated a little bit extra through the COVID times.

Organic always means…
No artificial pesticides or fertilisers
Exceptional standards of animal welfare (better than free range!)
No genetically modified (GM) ingredients or animal feeds
No routine use of antibiotics
Free from artificial preservatives and colours

I think that the whole ethos is particularly important these days, especially if, like me, you have a lowered immune system through frustrating life hits (cancer).

Seasonal veg is an important point too. One that I highlighted with the Eden team last year.

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Just wanted to highlight their amazing seasonal supply, and highlight the goodies that you should be thinking of this season.

SPRING is beginning in the UK and what will I be planting?

February / March is still ‘technically’ winter, and I am starting the classic veg that for me go in just about every dish (bar the beetroot). I have to say that I find the onions the strongest and safest to grow, though potatoes are a solid growth and solid part of a good meal, such as a classic Sunday Roast.

Seedlings ready to be planted…

Officially for March, we should be hitting the few that I’m going with, but there are many more coming… for soups, salads, roasting, sautĂ©ing, the list is endless… I wouldn’t omit the spring greens, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, rhubarb, kale, watercress, leeks, that beautiful purple sprouting broccoli and so many more.

Fingers crossed the carrots grow a smidge more strongly this year!

Have a look within the World Cancer Research Fund site and who pushes the seasonality and local consumption of fruit of and veg.

Seasonal recipes are well covered in the Riverford seasonal recipe books. From which they have delightfully donated a recipe to our Wholesome World app which you can keep digitally in your pocket, which will be good for the outcome of the UK garden growths this March.

Watch this space!


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