rCUP: The Best Reusable Coffee Cup

The World’s first reusable cup made from used cups. Simple.

This is a game-changer for your everyday eco-friendly products. I was recently at the Eden Project in Cornwall and stumbled upon it, inspiring me to share this amazing product with you that I already use myself.

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Many years ago, I used to surf the cornish coast with one of the team members and can vouch for their passion and drive to create products that help tackle climate change. 

In fact, their name ‘ashortwalk’ derives from their ethos to always be working within ‘a short walk’ from the ocean… such beauty in genuine lifestyle goals. 

I have had one since it’s primary launch. It’s been burnt, dropped and travelled to 5 continents. It’s rare that I start the day without an herbal tea, you will find me waking up with PUKKA matcha green tea most mornings… so it’s fair to sayI love this cup and the design agency behind it so it’s definitely worth a little spotlight on here…

The guys behind the rCUP began their journey with ‘ashortwalk’. A business that  ‘design-out waste and pollution; keep products and materials in use; and regenerate natural systems.’ They really are one of the good guys. 

But what could possibly be different to your standard reusable cup I hear you ask?

The rCUP features little design elements that wouldn’t cross your mind until you know about them… it is 100% LEAK PROOF, chuck it in your bag and your good to go. NO SPILL!!! 

360° DRINKING like a normal cup, no need to be constantly rotating your cup to find the spillage drinking hole, so much safer when you are on the go…Let’s be honest, this can be a nightmare on the morning commute. 

BPA FREE and 100% RECYCLABLE so when it’s time to say goodbye, just pop it in your household recycling. It’s worth adding here that they estimate a 10-year life span. 

Not only can these guys shout about the functionality but also the manufacturing process. They are the first in the world, to make a reusable cup from used cups.

 rCup is 40% made from recycled single-use cups, every 12oz rCUP is made from 6 used cups. Expected to last ten years and it’s estimated about 5.4 million single-use cups have been turned into rCups. Mind boggling when you process that information. 

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is at the top of many peoples lists, but sometimes it feels like wading through treacle trying to find genuine brands that make eco products. This is why I want to stomp past the big brands claiming big ideas and promote the small guys that make big differences in the way we produce everyday items. 

It’s proven to be a well loved little item, and it’s available in our Wholesome World Shop. 

I love sharing my discoveries with you, and I 100% declare that I only share products and brands that are genuinely genius. 

If you are lucky enough to catch this post before the 10th February 2020 there’s chance to WIN your very own rCUP, just head over to our Instagram page @wholesomeworld to enter. 

Live your best life xx



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