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One of the strong elements of health is mental positivity, and a highlighted through meditation and aspects to remove your stress.

Art. Art is so many things in this world, be it seeing the conception of others, creating insight to yours, and how this translation is presented.

It is noted to get your head space more ‘engaged and resilient. Besides these benefits, art engagement also alleviates anxietydepression and stress.’

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A beautiful hub that shows this off is the North Coast Asylum gallery near me on the rugged coast, with a good wave within steps and coastal paths either side. Originally a grade II listed Gothic Church Hall.

Beautiful upcoming artwork with different artists mainly from the UK.

Such as this awesome charcoal fine-art work in the style of Hahnemühle German Etching, done by Jo Painter.

Jo Painter | Flying High £845

One of my absolute favourite art pieces, which pushes into a monotone but realistic, environment.


There are so many more interesting artists with different outlets; colour tones, palettes, thoughts and approaches to art.

I think that it’s so worth opening your door to venues and websites and thoughts towards expression of your thoughts and exploring those of others, especially through art.

Go there to check it out one day – have a gander and explore other peoples unique, interesting and beautiful auras.


North Coast Asylum,

The Gallery,

Beachfield Avenue,




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