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Wholesome World has been welcomed to the NHS Apps Library.

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Approved for categories both Healthy Living AND Cancer, this confirms the benefits of its practical use and information.

“Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who wishes to manage and maintain their health and wellbeing.”

The drive  for the creation of the Wholesome World app has been so strong during its production: Losing my husband to cancer 5 years ago, dealing with my own brain cancer surgery, chemo- & radio-therapy; the ensuing loss of mental focus, physical energy; the loss of friends and purpose in life … a never ending list of reasons for making and sharing Wholesome World.

The first aspect that pushed me to share was the understanding of the medical treatment I was going through. I was lucky to have many connections to help me; my brother and his wife, both PhD Neuroscientists, my fathers friend-of-a-friend who was a private neurosurgeon, my own understanding of cancer treatment and the medical team’s approach and constraints due to my husband’s past treatment.

My BSc Biological Sciences degree at Uni which kept me in contact with talented researchers and medical teams, BUT I still found life so hard to apply to my daily living and personal health decisions (surgery type, recovery and life).

The strongest point I wanted to share was access to medical documents and insight – how to recognise what information was genuine within the internet, rather than just searching the web, and not knowing its medical level.

PubMed (short for Medical Publications) was the seed to the creation of the app. It’s useful for ANY medical condition, giving insight into authorised research.

Wholesome World understanding began from the PubMed seed. From there, the next step was to access different types of approach to give a solid understanding of your mental and physical health. There are so many hits to health when you get sick, you can’t just focus on one

TED Talks [Technology, Entertainment, Design] was my next step. TED provides the opportunity to link people to the scientific presentations and lifestyle approaches that are shown to be health enhancing – and this will be different for different people. 
TED gave me an insight to individual brain trauma experiences, scientists explanations, and general life insight – a never ending view to life that has strong reviews.

This start helped me to understand my own life. Ther were aspects that mentally relaxed me, showed what other people in the world could see, what they thought and how they acted in similar circumstances to mine. It gave me an understanding that my happiness was important too…

I also re-connected with books! Despite having awful concentration ability after my brain surgery in 2016, I turned to books galore. Previous favourites like Dr Servan Schrieber’s  ‘AntiCancer’, and The China Study (by Colin Campbell and Dr Thomas Campbell) and so many cookbooks, which led to evolving healthy, delicious eating that rescued my appetite and strength, after my operation.

Recipes were the strongest and simplest aspect to tick off at home. Start and stop whenever you like! Or ease yourself into slowly so that you understand the benefits even if you start with 1 step. Mine was healthy, satisfying, cook-once-a-week.
CRUNCHY GRANOLA satisfied my mind and body.

Life shows that there are so many different people and different individual benefits that you can push for your personal health levels. Mental health and physical fitness are so significant to both battling cancer, or enhancing a your body’s barrier for medical conditions.

Be you.

The focus of the app is for health and wellbeing.

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