Welcome to my Nature Belle Cornish world.

One of the lovely souls who lived near me through my heaviest times of cancer is Annabelle. She is a ocean addict mama who focuses on the beautiful aspects of nature.

@Naturebelleincornwall – Instagram

Annabelle has absurd amounts of nutritional twists in her diet, way more than the general public, to ensure her health, and she has given the Wholesome World, some beautiful, homemade, tasty dishes.

And even more impressively, she has two little souls to look after and acquaint their nutritional intake; picnics, day snacks, dinners and galore, to match hers. So both health and nutrition are strong to her, and a benefit to the recipes that she donated.

One of my favourite of her dishes is the ‘Seeded Spelt Crackers’.

Simple and scrumptious. Click here for the Recipe.

Just a little insight to this lovely soul. But I have a few more dishes coming from her beautiful mind, all stored, tried and tested, photographed, and will pop up and out this year, as every month we add at least 1 new dish to enlighten your NHS approved healthy, delicious, WELL TESTED and TASTED recipes, and home health.

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