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Just a little Wholesome World diary note…

I’m feeling like Wholesome World is becoming a strong business, and that my life has become so much more of a computer / digital path or work session lately, that I just wanted to re-involve the non work me.

Re realise and appreciate those little moments that I need to refresh into my daily activity.


Here is a little memory of a past moment – when I found a lovely light poem when hiding in a library just a year after the brain surgery, when life was particularly hard…

Library Love

Michael Donaghue

For the present is just one moon,

though every level pond gives back another.

But the black disc shining in the black lagoon,

perceived by astrophysicist and lover,

is milliseconds old. And even that light’s

seven minutes older than its source.

And the stars we think we see on moonless nights

are long extinguished. and of course,

this very moment, as you read this line,

is literally gone before you know it.

Forget the here-and-now. We have no time

but this device of wantonness and wit.

Make me this present then: your hand in mine,

and we’ll live out our lives in it.

My love poem.

Read more of his lovely words on his site.

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