Lollipop Lollipop

We all know that traditional store-bought lollipops often contain artificial flavors, excessive amounts of sugar, and various additives that can be detrimental to our health. But fear not! By crafting these delectable treats in the comfort of your own kitchen, you gain full control over the ingredients, ensuring a healthier and more wholesome indulgence.

sugar free lollipop recipes

Creating lollipops from scratch allows you to choose high-quality, natural ingredients. You can opt for organic sugars, wholesome fruit juices, and even incorporate nutrient-rich additions like superfood powders or fresh herbs. By replacing artificial additives with nourishing alternatives, you transform lollipops into a guilt-free pleasure.

Perfection for your little ones. Making lollipops at home is an excellent opportunity for quality time with loved ones. Get your family or friends involved, and enjoy a fun-filled treat-making adventure together. Engaging in creative culinary projects promotes bonding, sparks imagination, and creates lasting memories. Get your serotonin boost in the same breathe!

In both recipes, the sugar is reliant from the fruit but I’ve added a dollop of honey to the Orangutang to balance out the ginger.

“lollipop lollipop ohhh Lolli Lolli pop”

This song goes well and almost covers the time to make these genius pops. These flavours are just a base/idea and I strongly advise you to experiment and say goodbye to the sugar laden supermarket varieties…


SERVES 6 | 5 MINS (+ 5-6 HRS)


GF – DF – V – VE – NF – SS


800g Watermelon

approx. 600g deskinned

1 Lime

Handful Fresh mint

mini pinch of Sea salt


1. De-skin and chunkily chop the watermelon, alongside juicing

the lime and de-stemming the fresh mint leaves.

2. Blend all together and pour into the lolly moulds to pop into the

freezer. They will require approx. 5-6 hrs to set.


GF – DF – V – NF – SS

“I think that if you see blood oranges, they are a perfect switcheroo for the classic.”


800g / 6 Oranges

3cm Fresh ginger knob

1 dsp Honey


1. Juice the oranges.

2. Scrape off the ginger skin, finely grate or chop it and then squash

through a sieve into a bowl to mix with the oranges and stir in

the honey.

3. Pour into the lolly moulds to pop into the freezer. They will

require approx. 5-6 hrs to set.

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