Immune Boosting Shot

– Fran Warde –

Immune Boosting Shot

Never underestimate what we can do to support our health defences through diet, add this Immune Boosting Shot recipe into your daily diet. 

The key to good nutrition is variety, by making sure you have plenty of colour in your daily food choices will ensure a good balance of vitamins and minerals to keep you fighting fit against flu and other diseases. You can download the app for various nutrition focused recipes here.

Simple small steps are the best way to improve your health and the good nutrition is the quickest. You can read up on what foods can significantly improve your bodies defence against viruses in this article published by Healthline.

Fran’s Immune Boosting Shot:

This immune boosting shot recipe was developed by Wholesome World recipe contributor Fran Warde gives you enough for one double shot each day of the week. A simple step to superior health.

Fran is an amazing food writer and author of numerous cookbooks, who co-wrote ‘The Living Well with Cancer Cookbook” which you can pick up on Amazon. Fran wrote this with another Wholesome World contributor and nutritionist Catherine Zabilowtiz. A beautiful project with Maggies Cancer Charity, where they first met.

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Key Health Benefits:

The immune boosting shot has several key ingredients which will easily boost your health defences.

Ginger, turmeric and garlic are all listed in our top anti-cancer foods and therefore have important immune strengthening properties.

Lemon grass contains several antioxidants to protect the body, one of note being chlorogenic acid, which studies have found to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. It also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits which may protect against viruses and the damage they cause. 

Chillis contain many vitamins and minerals known to support the immune system such as vitamins A, B6 and C along with potassium and various antioxidants which can have added antiviral benefits. 

Black pepper promotes the disease fighting qualities of the turmeric by nearly 2000%.

Lemon or lime juice should be added where possible to food and drinks as it has numerous benefits, not least providing a concentrated intake of vitamin C, a key immune boosting vitamin.


Fran’s Immune Boosting Shot

A concentrated blast that will surely have your immune cells zinging! 

Immune Boosting Shot

All theses ingredients blended together will create a very powerful shot that can help keep your immune system running at its very best.

Serves: 7 double shots

Time to create: 10 mins

GF – DF – V – Ve – NF

Makes approx 7 double shots so you can enjoy one daily AND stores in fridge for up to a week.

These items are quite hard to blend and a powerful machine is needed, I have a very powerful Vitamins which can blend the below in 1 minute, a less powerful machine may take longer and more chopping of the ingredients may help. It is optional to sieve this to remove all the roughage but I like to keep this to help my gut function.


Cooking Steps:

  1. Wash all the ginger, turmeric and chillies well. No need to peel them; chop into chunks and place in a blender.
  2. De-skin the garlic, roughly chop the lemon grass, remove the green tops to the chillies, cut in half, and add all to the blender. Grind the black pepper in
  3. Peel the citrus zest and add it to the blender – squeeze in the juice too.
  4. Cover the contents with water, and add another 4cm to your blender and blitz until smooth and blended to a liquid. (approximately 500ml).
  5. Sieve the liquid, and adjust it’s consistency by adding more water if needed for flavour and and consistency to suit your palette.

Store in the fridge, covered and sealed, and my aim is to take at least shot a day…

Nutritional Value

Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value *
Calories 44
Total Fat1 g ( 1 % )
– Saturated Fat0 g ( 1 % )
– Monounsaturated Fat0 g
– Polyunsaturated Fat0 g
– Trans Fat0 g
– Cholesterol0 mg ( 0 % )
Sodium24 mg ( 1 % )
Potassium100 mg ( 3 % )
Total Carbohydrate9 g ( 3 % )
– Dietary Fiber2 g ( 8 % )
– Sugars1 g
Protein1 g ( 2% )
Vitamin A( 1 % )
Vitamin C( 9 % )
Calcium( 3 % )
Iron( 18 % )

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