How Yoga can help Cancer

Yoga plays such a powerful part in many people’s well being, including my own.

Here I discuss how yoga can help cancer and have a lovely interview with a good friend of mine, Sophie, Move & Inspire Podcast by Sophie Dear Yoga.

Through supporting my husband’s battle with cancer and my own treatment following the diagnosis of a brain tumour, I found the principles of this spiritual and philosophical daily routine empowering at my weakest moments.  

How Yoga can help Cancer

The simple beauty of the five thousand year old practice is that you can take it at your own pace, to whichever level suits your abilities. It is accessible to each and everyone of us, as a way to keep our bodies moving and blood flowing.

Yoga aims to create harmony between your mind, body and spirit in order to help you feel peaceful in what can feel like a turbulent world. It is promoted as a way of staying healthy and preventing illness.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are just the tip of the iceberg for some when it comes to treatment. Many side effects of the drugs used, can seriously debilitate even the most active and fit individuals. 

“Yoga offers a window into slowly building back strength and agility, giving a sense of resilience and confidence in a calm manner.”

Yoga can help cancer by offering a window into slowly building back strength and agility, giving a sense of resilience and confidence in a calm manner. The focus on breathing in sync with exercise goes a long way to distract you from your own thoughts and anxieties. What it involves will depend on the style of yoga you choose. But you will usually do a series of postures and breath work, which will end with some relaxation time.

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If you want to find out more behind the medical insight surrounding how yoga can help cancer you can view this report. It is always paramount to discuss with your doctor any physical activity you wish to partake in during and following treatment.

My wonderful friend of 14 years, Sophie Dear, has been embarking on her own yoga journey inspiring health and happiness across the globe. 

Super snuggle during our Podcast about Wholesome life

I’ve been lucky enough to know Sophie since our university days and have recently reconnected as our paths cross through two different but equally wholesome worlds. 

Sophie is constantly doing her best to navigate this crazy world and is full of the zest of life required to stay motivated and connected with yourself. A health and happiness warrior.

Sophie has transformed her life through yoga and is launching a 14-day free trial for her online classes encompassing ‘Yoga for the Soul’. The beauty of the online classes mean that you can take inspiration and guidance from anywhere at any time. 

Sophie took a complete U-turn in life from a high pressure TV & Media industry job, clocking ninety-hour weeks and consistently taunted by insomnia, inevitably burnt out. We are only human after all. 

In Sophie’s own words “Yoga was everything I had needed for so long – it created balance in my life, it had this incredible effect on me where I felt so calm yet so energised at the same time, it made me feel strong and empowered, it gave me a space to find confidence, self-esteem and hope.  Hope that I would find my way in life, even though I had been feeling like everything around me was falling apart. “

“These are the attributes you need in life when you hit rock bottom, whether that is due to physical or mental illness.”

These are the attributes you need in life when you hit rock bottom, whether that is due to physical or mental illness. The lack of confidence often associated with autoimmune diseases and mental health issues are real, yoga can give you a private space to learn and transform not only your physical strength, but your frame of mind. 

Sophie has just launched her podcast bringing together inspirational, strong women with a passion for life. I am completely honoured to have been asked to feature in her first series ‘Move and Inspire.’  I chat about why Wholesome World is so important to me, where it began and what I recommend to simply live your life avoiding and fighting cancer. 

You can listen to it on your podcast app by searching The Move & Inspire Podcast by Sophie Dear Yoga, or follow the lovely lady on Instagram and find out about her classes are available on her websiteBoth physical and digital sign ups available.

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