Fresh Starts

There are many points in life where a fresh start is a necessity or even a rite of passage.

Sometimes they are an unavoidable situation and we must take them on as part of self-development or embrace them as a brilliant milestone in life. We start new schools, new jobs, move houses, move countries, fall in love, fall out of love, learn to drive… The list goes on. There are unavoidable fresh starts, not necessarily forced upon us but those we can expect to experience.

I found myself thrust into a ‘fresh start’ which I would not wish upon anyone when I lost my husband to cancer and not long after discovered I too was fighting for life. It was potentially the combination of these events which led me to start finding a reason to begin again, to start afresh. An awareness to cancer, especially that of the brain, and how little we still know about the ways we can help ourselves alongside whichever form of clinical treatment we are going though. It was by educating myself and constantly researching; medicinal papers/podcasts/recipes/TED talks etc. that I began to build this bank of knowledge you can now find in the Wholesome World App.

Wholesome World. It felt like, and still does, a huge achievement and honour to share my knowledge and insight. A simple insight to my life, and all of the points that made me happy-est and healthy.

Most of the time we are bombarded with what we should be doing but by embracing new ideas, new foods, new ways of moving, we can challenge ourselves in small, positive ways without feeling out of control or a failure. It’s the small steps that count at times when big changes are happening.

There is always someone else to help, be it friends, family or amazing charities (again, highlighted within the app).

Always a positive to starting anew, but being you. Trust your gut and keep going.

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