Fortyseven Thermal Spa

Located in Baden, Switzerland.


To start with, Baden is found just north west of Z├╝rich in Switzerland. It’s on the river, but in the central town environment. A beautiful venue, with a good girth of space and sections of reasonable privacy too, where you can ensure your body can nakedly, but gender-ly, cleanse.

To start with, I love Switzerland, and yes they have a beautiful insertion to city (town) wellbeing through spas and natural surroundings.

The skin care is simple, naturally based and has ANGAN skincare from Iceland. Yes. I’m a fan.

I think the bath salts, (I liked the scent of the Scandi birch tree sea salt) are lovely and if you can find the right candle… it’s sets up the best home shrine in the bathroom.

The Spa; 

Where to start… there were so many sections to explore, both inside and out. This just means that I could always evade an environment and the reset button was only one moment away. The variables stretched through both indoor and outdoor pools, steam rooms, saunas, relaxation areas and even an ice room!

Just a small room, a chilly yet unique moment to remember. It somewhat makes me think of the ice plunge pools, but a hell of a lot calmer.

Really worth it, despite my images don’t quite show the green view and plants that sit ahead of the back was, there are calm hideaway relaxation rooms to reset between the multitude of spa spots.

I think that one of the so called meditation rooms is what I would dream for Cornwall (my British home) to be like… the warmth to float and submerse your realm into that of the tropical island beaches or the un-impeached naked skies for star gazing.

I do think I could be an addict of star gazing. Be it finding the calm atmosphere from the meditational light sparkles, realising the stature of the never ending sky and even creating artworks or expel of your mental diary that you aren’t ready to verbally expel. An aura that can simply calm you before you stumble into a beautiful city sauna… where you have the choice toward gender privacy and exposure.


The treatments are calm and easy to both navigate to, alongside being a classic mainstream event.

The massage calm, simple and more than worth every penny. Nothing needed to be asked for, though I would personally say that it involved a verbal push for pressure more than once. And although the beds were not quite adding to the ‘warm’ surroundings, it was comfortable once the eyes were closed and the aura was perfected through physical touch. Mental AND physical satisfaction.


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