A favourite simple and quick salad to make with minimal mess to clear. Lots of different textures within it too, for extra dish-love.


DID YOU KNOW that EDAMAME BEANS are immature soya beans that are still green. Soya is the best source of plant protein as they contain all the essential amino acids.

They also protect against breast cancer as the contain plant oestrogen’s which appear to block the effect of the body’s natural and stronger oestrogen.

QUINOA is a seed that also has good levels of protein, again, including all the amino acids. Quinoa is a useful and healthier alternative to rice. A much healthier alternative to bought mayonnaise is to make your own.

AVOCADO or rapeseed oil are good choices of oil rather than the traditionally used sunflower oil. Coriander leaves add an Asian flavour to any dish and really pep up the levels of iron, magnesium, vitamin C & K.



Serves: 1

Time to create: 20 mins

Time for personal effort: 10/20 mins

Notes: GF, GrR, RSF, V, P

Calories per serving: 748


GF | Gluten Free

DF | Dairy Free

GrF | Grain Free

RSF | Refined Sugar Free  

V | Vegetarian

Ve | Vegan

P | Pescatarian

EF | Egg Free

NF | Nut Free

LF | Low Fibre

SS | Soft Sloppy

Simple and quick to make with minimal mess to clear. Lots of different textures within it too, for extra dish-love.


40 g Quinoa

200ml Water

Cup Edamame beans (frozen)

Handful/25g Toasted pine nuts

2 Eggs

1 tsp Coconut oil

Sprinkle Salt & Pepper

Dollop Mayonnaise

Pinch Coriander



Knife & chopping board


  1. Boil your water & add the quinoa – 15 minutes is standard.
  2. For the last 2 minutes (TBC), throw in your edamames.
  3. Hard-boil your 2 eggs in a second pan for 6 minutes. 
  4. While most of the ingredients are being boiled, chop up the coriander (save a sprig for garnish).
  5. Simply throw all your ingredients into your lunch bowl & garnish.

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