Diving into the Spiritual Realm

And the Benefits of Mental Health

When it comes to mental health… There are many different ways of finding out what is really going on in our lives. We do this through reflection, guidance, but also by more intuitive, some would say, spiritual means. 

The good old memories with my amazing Xanthe South Australia.

Tarot card readings and the use of crystals are ones that I find to be both misunderstood and skeptilized by many. Both can be practiced by anyone willing to learn. For Psychotherapist Jan Merrills, it was just that. She began learning about tarot cards back in 2002 in Ubud, Bali. After only having practiced for a short period of time, she was told she was a natural. 

“My American friend told me that she had booked me in at this cafe in Bali to do tarot card readings.”

Jan Merrills.

This cafe  held tarot card readings every Saturday. Jan started becoming known and became very busy sharing  her gift. She then went on to open her own cafe, art, and healing studio in Bali. 

Meet Spiritual Jan Merrills
First and foremost, what are tarot card readings?

Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy where practitioners will use decks of cards to gain insights into someone’s past, present, or future. A reading sometimes starts with a question being asked and then cards are drawn to help formulate answers. 

But how is this beneficial to mental health?

Jan explained that it is all mental health. “Clients are coming for guidance or reassurance to help them make better more informed choices or decisions”. She explained that tarot card readers are not trained counsellors or therapists, but in a way the work they do with clients is therapy because they often come anxious, overwhelmed or lost and readings can help them gain clarity and help them work to improve their wellbeing  

For me, I struggle with mental health issues that it is hard for me to open up. It has always been a struggle and after talking to Jan, I realised just how much of an issue that would be at readings. She explained that people can come to tarot card readings with any topic and any question, but they have to be willing to put down the wall and be open in order for sessions to be meaningful.

“The only people you can’t read are people who won’t let you in because they have energetically blocked you from reading them.”

Jan Merrills, referring to Tarot Card readings.

Crystals are associated with tarot as they are in the spiritual realm. The amazing thing with crystals is that they are all used for something different. Ranging from healing stones, protection stones, to love stones. 

Jan explained that, “All the crystals and stones have qualities. You just need to find the stones with qualities that match what it is that you need.” 

Spiritual Stones

To find out more about what each crystal represents and which one is right for you, you can visit Healthline who do a great introductory article on them. 

Or for a more in depth introduction for you literary fanatics, you can check out the book Love Is In The Earth, recommended by Jan which is said to be amazing and covers all the bases. You can read about this through Good Reads and see if you would wish to purchase! 

If you are interested in getting your cards read, registered psychotherapist Jan was kind enough to offer her services. You can email her at [email protected]. 

There are countless ways of helping your mental health, but being accountable for it is the first step. 

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