Chemical Free Skin Care


Our skin is the largest organ in our body and well worth the extra effort to protect. Many products boast natural ingredients but it can be quite rare to come across a brand who produce their own macerations in-house, and do not use any synthetic chemicals, GM ingredients, artificial colours or fragrances.

Skincare for cancer patients in particular, can feel daunting, especially with such a saturated market. During cancer treatment it is vital to get 100% organic, chemical free products, as even the strongest skin can become easily irritated during and following chemotherapy. This is also important for mama’s to-be, babies and anyone interested in keeping the skin routine natural AND protected.

Wholesome World Founder Freyja Hanstein, with Made for Life

A happy coincidence… I worked with skincare company, Made for Life Organics, just before my cancer journey arrived, following the diagnosis of a grade III/IV brain tumour, Oligodendroglioma Cytoma, a particularly tricky one with a name to suit… 

This was in gear a year before, my husband passed away following a battle with Synovial Sarcoma cancer, which is when I began compiling the research and content for Wholesome World. It’s so important to share good knowledge far and wide. Find us on Instagram for more insight. 

Made for Life Organics was developed by a renowned medical doctor, who combined dermatological science with pure, organic, botanical ingredients, to create a range of powerful, natural skincare products. My favourite products are the Age Well Intensive Moisturising Balm alongside the Restorative Body Balm and Rejuvenating Face Oil. Used effectively through treatment and solidly before, during, and after cancer treatment. ‘Well loved’.”

Chemical Free Skin Care


Made for Life Organics is an ethical and award winning organic skincare range based in Cornwall, UK. They have a simple philosophy – that to be healthy and whole, we simply need to be connected to nature. It is about a pure and clean way of life which centres on the principles of mindfulness and kindness. And NO animal testing ever. The most genuine and lovely skin brand worldwide. 

Developed by combining a deep knowledge of dermatological science in collaboration with with the strength and purity of botanicals, the formulations have gently evolved and improved with research based on clinical studies, whilst always bearing in mind the rich abundance of nutrients that nature provides us with.

They have recently been in a beautiful relationship with researcher Neil Carpenter, to create their natural hand sanitiser, a current virus fighting necessity.

The first company in the UK to achieve 100% organic certification, they do not add any synthetic chemicals, including parabens – pure nature for the skin.

TEDX | Cancer Massage

Given that WHO (World Health Organisation) predict that one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer. Recent research showed that 96% of spas were turning away people who were going through cancer. Made for Life has had the vision of moving this figure to one which shows 96% of spas opening their doors to people with cancer. The journey has been transformative on a personal level, for the therapists they have worked with and for the people who have been able to walk into a spa to be nurtured. It has simply been a journey from C to B.


This ethos extends to their Made for Life Foundation, which supports those facing cancer. Offering holistic support for both emotional and physical needs. Whether newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or recovery, MFL foundation aims to help you disconnect from your daily stresses and reconnect with nature and stillness. 

They are Complementary Medical Association accredited and their CIBTAC endorsed Cancer Touch Therapy training has changed lives by enabling so many spas to offer treatments. Any profits from training go into the Made for Life Foundation.

Wholesome World & Made For Life Organics Instagram Competition


We are gifting the Made for Life Organics botanical hand sanitiser developed in collaboration with researcher Neil Carpenter, facial oil and toner alongside a Wholesome World handmade luxury face covering and free access to the app filled with recipes, nutritional insight, digital health and lifestyle links.


Comp ends 30th Nov 2020

You can find Made for Life Organics in the ‘Links’ sector of the App, both the skincare, cancer charity links, and medical connections through TedTalks and PubMed.

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Download the Wholesome World app which contains a collection of recipes, nutritional information and lifestyle resources from medical research to nutritional, physical and mental health, as well as living a calm and happy life. All of the recipes and information on the app are specifically designed for patients recovering from cancer and for families helping loved ones through cancer treatments, however, anyone can use the app for a nutritiously healthy lifestyle. 

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