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Cold Water Challenge | Cancer Research | Ocean Addictions

I’m braving the ‘November Cold Water Challenge’ to raise money for @CR_UK – Find them on Instagram.

I’m making the strong goosebump enforced daily dip/jump/plummet into the 9-13° ocean daily, wetsuit removed!!(costume only!) 

…to help the Cancer Research Charity funding. Simply worth it as every penny counts.
1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime. Cannot believe how this number is growing.

There have been far too many cancer hurdles in my life.
In 2014 I lost my Lars to cancer and just 1 year following, was diagnosed with grade 3/4 brain cancer, aka Oligodendroglioma.
February 2016, my brain surgery on my temporal lobe went ahead, and I was then put through post-op treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which went on until early 2017.

So. To spread the love. I will dip myself into our re-awakening Atlantic, and look to raise money for the beautiful Cancer Research Charity.

Just keep swimming…
bird's-eye view of sea waves
Photography: Andrzej Kryszpiniuk

Sadly this has happened to more people in my world than I could ever imagine, and the research, understanding, headspace and home life are so important to understand and find a strong focus in this world.

Wholesome World was made to support charities and spread the awareness of how to enhance you general health to avoid heavy health hits, like this.

Eat well – Think well – Get outside – Love Life

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