Cancer awareness day


Written by: Freyja Hanstein, Wholesome World health and wellness app creator and book writer

The fresh season of spring is pulling into our worlds, the moment to realise and push that classic reset button.

The seed to this for me was strengthened through being hit by cancer. In 2016 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, just a year following the heavy hit of losing my husband to cancer, which opened my path to supporting my love and experiencing first hand, the isolation and physical challenges that come with a diagnosis. 

There are 3 main aspects that I find important to break down in life and share through support with a friend are to reflect on what CAN benefit your life, and realise how they interlace, so every tiny little effort will positively spread. Encouraging the feeling of being in control of your health is incredibly empowering. By finding out what you can do, mentally, physically and nutritionally, can help ease anxiety and re-build confidence. 

Having a friend to help you through any of these factors is a huge benefit, and embellishing those moments together is a positive path to be on, realising life is weirdly normal, and your health relies on similar paths to those looking to maintain their general health.

Thinking of helping a friend; Maybe they’re an avid gardener but feel unable to get out. Maybe you could help to create a simple kitchen herb garden. This would be accessible and give them a little window into their ‘normality’. A simple way to be there for a friend and to keep the ball rolling, is helping them give something to their body in the morning like homemade granola(ref 2),or simply stuffed datesref 3) scattered throughout the day; which you can give to enhance the daily satisfaction, and maybe enjoy the creation together weekly to reset the mind. A keen wild swimmer could benefit from a sandy stroll or light paddle, maybe your friend loves to read but struggles to focus so finding a library of audiobooks and podcasts for them could help. 

The Wholesome World app has a whole section dedicated to podcasts, TED Talks and digital health links that can point you in the right direction. 

Wholesome World Cookbook & Life(ref 3) was just launched to share health recipes and life paths to progress your health, both mentally and physically.

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(ref 1)Drinking enough water each day is crucial for many reasons: to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/hsph-in-the-news/the-importance-of-hydration/

(ref 2)https://www.wholesomeworld.com/wholesome-world-granola/

(ref 3)https://www.wholesomeworld.com/shop/ww-cookbook/

(ref 3)https://www.wholesomeworld.com/simply-stuffed-dates/

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