Breakfast & Beyond Podcast

Breakfast & Beyond podcast

Conversations from Cornwall on Sustainable Living

This winter has been beautiful, windy, rugged and driven by the outdoor surroundings.

Whilst being secluded by our world health restraints this year, 2021, it has been beautiful to open the mind and share it with nearby souls like Tia, Breakfast & Beyond.

Time has been flying so fast, and it’s important to take a breath and reset your mind to focus on the world and your personal health. Set to sustainable and health focused life hurdles.

Breakfast & Beyond


PODCAST: Sustainable living issue: wellbeing & reducing the risk of cancer

I think that one of our obvious boosts for connection is the importance and satisfaction of breakfast.

Did you know that it was less than 1/2 a decade ago that I realised that breakfast was named as such to ‘break the fast’ that sleep imposes on us.

On top of that, it is on of the most guaranteed moments that you consume fuel required for the day, so the energy, the calories and the nutrients will be digested and required. Deliciously satiating opening to the day.

Breakfast & Beyond podcast

Whilst having this mind opening and enforcing talk, we beautifully enjoyed a calm surrounding of her beautiful brunch surroundings. A large family, beautiful stone and wooden laden, dining room with both the wide fireplace and Aga, local honey and vegetables, berries and yoghurt or salivate over and guzzle through the ‘interview’ morning chat.

Breakfast & Beyond festive shakshuka

The donated dish is known as her Festive Leftovers Shakshuka and more than worth a view.

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Breakfast & Beyond podcast

New Years is here, and what are good, simple, achievable things to add to the tick list?

Tia & Freyja


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